What is FXManagedAccounts.com?

FxManagedAccounts.com is a money manager in the spot foreign exchange market that caters to ALL investors. We provide our services to ALL who are interested in the possible benefits of forex trading, but may not have the time or knowledge to trade for themselves. We have a simple philosophy: “We look after your money as if it were our own”. There is a good reason for this. If we do our job right we get a performance fee from the profits. If we do not perform we do not get paid!! Yes, you read that right. We charge no commissions or hidden sign-up fees or any of the other many tricks that money managers like to pull.

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Benefits of a managed trading account

There are no benefits to a managed account if you are a seasoned and profitable trader and have the time to spend watching the markets 5 days & nights a week.

Otherwise it is a great choice to have our team watch the markets and use a combination of our own proprietary EA and our master traders to evaluate the market and trade on your behalf. We strive for extremely low drawdowns and fair profits. We also do not keep trades over the weekend when anything can happen in the world that can cause the markets to open on Sunday evening thousands of dollars away from where it closed on Friday.

Put our years of experience to work for you today! Oh, and you get to sleep at night instead of worrying about an open trade.

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Management account costs

We charge a performance of 40% of the new profits we make for you each month. We use the high water mark formula so we only make money on new money we make for you. If we do not make a profit for you, we make absolutely nothing. And should we have a loss, then we have to make that up and a new high water mark profit before we can make any more profits for us.

Just know this, we do not like working for free! We fully intend to do all we can to make profits without incurring any more risk then needed.

Legal disclaimer, past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. Say that five times real fast.

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Learn to trade and have fun

  • Play a forex trading game
  • Learn how the market works
  • Great learning experience

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Another highlight of the services

We have a special secret weapon that we believe nobody else has. We have built a “solver” that helps us find the very best settings for not only our EA but for most any EA. It does math computations and runs tests in a matter of hours that it would take months and months to do manually. It took years for a couple of math egg-heads to build. That means we can constantly improve and modify our EA to current market conditions. That my friends is one of the very best reasons to let us trade for you! This is more then cutting edge or even bleeding edge technology, this is spot-on trading.

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Are you...?

  • An investor with a background in currency investment?
  • A trader looking for better trading results?
  • A retired person wanting to supplement your monthly income?
  • A business person in search for good investment opportunities?
  • Someone interested in becoming a successful investor?

If you are one of these types of people then we need to do business today!!

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