About Us

FxManagedAccounts.com is a division of GetIntoForex, which was founded by veteran trader and strategist Tom Flora in 2005, with a focus on teaching solid forex trading principles. By 2008, Flora had developed some very successful algorithms and was using them individually to manage different accounts.

Focus On Success

Under FxManagedAccounts.com, Flora began to bring on veteran FX traders to help him with a new and very exciting project: building a mechanism by which his experienced trading team can select from an entire tool box of winning algorithms on a real time basis. Our success is only measured by the success of our clients.

A short history

Flora had been involved in the investment world since the early 1990’s, developing and testing various styles of trading in different markets. By 1995, it was clear that the forex market was best suited to his methodologies and he had already developed his own trading plan.

He began trading and teaching FOREX full-time, managing accounts and building a solid reputation for common sense and the goal of steady account growth among his global clientele. That reputation continues today, almost two decades later.

To your Success :

Tom Flora
CEO - FX Managed Accounts