Personal Trader

Tom Flora had been involved in the investment world since the mid 1990’s, developing and testing various styles of trading in different markets. By 1999, it was clear that the forex market was best suited to his methodologies and he had already developed his own trading plan. However after trading for years as well as teaching trading methods to others, it was time to work on a robot or EA (expert advisor). The long days and nights in front of the screen was getting old. So with the help of some intelligent programmers the next several years were spent trading and developing various EAs.

An EA can be profitable but there is no replacing the human brain. So as it turns out, a combination of EA trades and human intervention and some manual cherry trades seem to be where we are today. There is no substitute for experience and no EA that will be appropriate for every trading scenario.

Also when it comes to teaching trading to others, Tom has learned that not everyone will "get it” and some that do understand how to trade do not have the emotional disposition to be able to do it consistently. I person can be a cowboy and trade too much or be prone to having a chicken finger and not be able to enter a trade. We will not even talk about spouses and how they feel about this business.

That is why a “personal Trader” for your account may be the way to go. Someone who paid the dues and spent the time learning to trade. That does not mean that every trade will be a good one. That is completely impossible and unrealistic. But more good trades then bad trades and good risk to reward ratio trades are what make up a good personal trader. Tom Flora is is willing to be your personal trader. Just open an account at Tallinex and send us an email at

let’s get started.

Thank You
Tom Flora