Answers to FX Managed Accounts Questions

1. Is this an EA?

Yes, mostly

2. Is this manually traded?

Yes, it is a combination of EA and live traders working together.

3. How much money do I need to start?

10,000 minimum unless you have special arrangements. if you can not afford 10,000 then you should probably not be in the forex market place.

4. How much can I invest?

We limit 10 million to any one brokerage. however, there are several brokerages we can deal with.

5. If I play the and learn to trade, can i take over my account?

Yes, at any time. What we would suggest is that when you feel you are ready to trade for yourself that you leave the lion’s share with us in the managed account and take 10 or 20 percent out and put in a separate trading account that we can help you set up. Then when you have doubled that account, by all means take all your money and trade for yourself.

6. Can I see my trading account progress?

Yes, you will get a statement each day. However, try not to think about it everyday. It is like watching a child grow, if you look at the bottom line of your account every few months, you will see the growth. if you watch it each day it seems so gradual to see how fast it is really growing. Disclaimer, if it is your children, you should watch them everyday even if you can not see them getting taller

7. What if I change my mind after you start trading for me or what if I need my money for an emergency?

Not a problem, you can close your account and take your money out at any time. It is your money. Just keep in mind, this is a long term investment and if possible, let the money grow and see what compound interest can do for you.